Torelli Realty Proud of Two Local Moms

Torelli Realty proclaims, “Go moms!” after reading about the mission of Newport Beach moms Mindy Cameron and Debra Miller in The Daily Pilot (8/26/09). They are taking on all 14,410 feet of Mt. Rainier (located outside Seattle, WA) in an effort to raise money for medical research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The goal: To raise $1 per foot they climb – which totals a staggering $14,410 per person if they make it to the top… And we sure hope they do!

Cameron and Miller each have young boys who have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It turns out that the fatal disease only strikes young boys and there is no cure… yet. That’s why Miller and her husband, Paul, founded the nonprofit organization CureDuchenne ( It’s their way of helping to find an answer. Unfortunately boys who are diagnosed with this disease won’t live long but hopefully with more funding and research that will change one day.

Will they make it? Cheer them on from your computer seat and wish them well! If all goes according to plan, they will reach the summit Sunday morning (8/30/09). Even though only about 50% of climbers make it to the top our bet is that they’ll make it. After all, they’ve been training hard core for months (think workouts with 40-pound weights and high intensity workouts on the stair stepper, yes, hard core!). We’re all for you ladies. We at Torelli Reality are so proud of these ladies and hope you’ll join us in chanting, “Go moms!”

See the full article written by Brianna Bagley in The Daily Pilot.


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