Costa Mesa Renovations of Yesterday Meet Today

Most Costa Mesa homes were built in the 1960s and 1970s.  But here’s an interesting bit of trivia – historians believe that the Diego Sepulveda Adobe was built between 1817-1823, making it not only the oldest building in Costa Mesa, but the second oldest in all of Orange County!  The adobe originally served as a shelter for herdsmen from Mission San Juan Capistrano.  The herdsmen were responsible for watching over cattle and horses (as you know, I love animals!).  This past weekend the Costa Mesa Historical Society sponsored an event called Early California Days, which featured the recent renovations on the adobe.

It’s a fact of life that you can learn from the past so I think it’s noteworthy that renovations are just as necessary in our homes today as they are in an old adobe.  The Diego Sepulveda Adobe got a new tile roof, some electrical work, refurbished floors, and whitewashed walls. Some of these upgrades and others I suggest to sellers to get top dollar.  Each home is different, and I meet with my clients before putting the home on the market and identify what areas need attention AND get the most return on the dollars put in.

The history of Costa Mesa is important to a lot of homebuyers and it’s exciting to see how the city strives to preserve its heritage by educating and entertaining the community.  Costa Mesa holds numerous events, which helps to make it a desirable area and a frontrunner in real estate. The next time you look into renovating your home, think about how it really can be a long-term investment!

Diego Sepulveda Adobe

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To read more about the event check out this article in the Daily Pilot, 9/20/09.


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