A+ for Local Teacher Recognition

Our Costa Mesa real estate company found this story to be quite inspiring and we hope you will too.

Donna Honda, a teacher at Costa Mesa’s Sonora Elementary School, was gifted school supplies from OfficeMax totaling $1000. She received this gift as part of OfficeMax’s nationwide contest, “A Day Made Better.” The principal at Sonora Elementary, Christine Anderson, nominated Honda for her compassion and dedication to the children. That recognition led to her generous award, which included a digital camera, printer, markers, and much more.

Our schools in Costa Mesa are a part of what makes the community strong. It’s amazing to see that a deserving teacher received such a great honor. Students in Costa Mesa are lucky to have teachers who make education a #1 priority. Let’s hear it for our Costa Mesa schools – may our students thrive!

Costa Mesa Real Estate - A Local Teacher, Donna Honda

Costa Mesa Real Estate - A Local Teacher, Donna Honda


Read more about Donna Honda on OCRegister.com.


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