Riding the Wave – Surf Music

Costa Mesa has a really fun history and last week’s jam session at the Costa Mesa Historical Society is living proof of that. A group gathered to learn about the history of surf music, which has roots in Costa Mesa. What exactly is surf music? It came about over 50 years ago and has a distinctive percussive sound, like that of a heavy drumbeat. The acclaimed Fender guitar created reverberation, which surfers compared to the vibration and pulsing sensations they felt while riding a wave. Being in real estate, little known facts like this are great trivia to toss around to clients!

Veteran surf musicians Matt Quilter, Bob Caldwell and Tracy Longstreth performed and discussed surf music for a crowd of over sixty people in Costa Mesa last week. They even invited a young audience member to play with them, in a way passing the torch lit with the passion of surf music to the next generation.

Costa Mesa Real Estate on Surf Music

Costa Mesa Real Estate on Surf Music

Costa Mesa has an interesting history and is fortunate enough to have the Costa Mesa Historical Society to preserve and share information about the history of our town. Working in real estate, we often get asked a lot of questions about Costa Mesa and the surrounding towns. We’ve even got a page on our website devoted to Costa Mesa History so feel free to check that out. And make sure to visit the Costa Mesa Historical Society when you have a chance – it’s a great way to learn about the community and spend some quality time.

Click here for more info on the surf music meeting or visit the Costa Mesa Historical Society Web site.


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