City Council Grants Two Paramedics Employee of the Month Award

Torelli Realty would like to congratulate two Costa Mesa paramedics for a job well done.  The Costa Mesa City Council named firefighter paramedics Trail Blincoe and Chuck Torres employees of the month at this Tuesday’s meeting.  These men are heroes due to their actions on June 26, 2009, where they responded to two life-threatening incidents.

First, Blincoe and Torres saved a man who was suffering from cardiac complications. Then on the same day they also responded to a dangerous rollover incident in Costa Mesa on the 405 Freeway, which involved 5 hurt motor passengers.

Costa Mesa is lucky to have quality paramedics like Blincoe and Torres watching out for the community.  Costa Mesa’s fire department consists of six stations that are scattered among the city in key locations.  The stations have responsible, trained staffs who make it their mission to provide safety for the lives of those in Costa Mesa as well as the environment here, provide fire protection, and deliver emergency medical care.

Quality services such as the ones offered by the Costa Mesa Fire Department are vital in providing a feeling of safety and strength in a town.  In real estate, buyers look at the resources in place within a community to help them determine if they want to make it their home.   Blincoe and Torres deserve to be appreciated for more than just this month.  Thank you to the entire fire department of Costa Mesa as well – you make this a great, safe place to call home.

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Costa Mesa Fire Department

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