Veterans Day Event at Local School

Veterans Day is celebrated every November to commemorate our country’s veterans.  More than that it’s a day dedicated to world peace.  In Costa Mesa local students had a chance to meet a very special veteran – Army staff sergeant Walter D. Ehlers, one of 21 living World War II recipients of the Medal of Honor.  The Medal of Honor is the most prestigious U.S. military decoration that is awarded for valor and bravery in actions that go above and beyond the call of duty.

On June 9-10, 1944 Ehlers served as the spearhead for an attack against the enemy defenders and assumed a huge risk as he exposed himself to deadly fire.  Throughout the fight he remained a courageous and heroic leader.   He single-handedly defeated a German gun unit and in spite of his wounds he rescued a fellow wounded soldier, bringing him to safety.  As a leader Elder acted fearlessly; he will forever be an inspiration for all.

Ehlers is a resident of Buena Park, a community that is about 20 miles northeast of Costa Mesa.  Special guests and lessons such as this are a privilege for students in our community.  As a local real estate company we are always happy to see when local schools provide special programs for the students as it encourages learning and offers unique opportunities for our children. This event at Mariners Christian School in Costa Mesa will surely impact the audience who was so fortunate to have met with Ehlers.

Costa Mesa Real Estate Veterans Day Event Photo

Veteran Walter D. Ehlers

For more info, read the article on Walter D. Ehlers on

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