Real Estate Conditions in Costa Mesa and the Rent-to-Own Trend

As an expert in Costa Mesa real estate, Torelli Realty was able to share the latest market conditions in Costa Mesa with’s real estate columnist and blogger Jon Lansner. Beneficial Costa Mesa insight was reported in Lansner’s Insider Q&A, including the healthy condition of the Costa Mesa market, the strongest communities within the city and the amount of short sale homes available among those in the highest demand. The entire Insider Q&A can be read here.

Although we dedicate ourselves to the Costa Mesa community, real estate trends typically transcend county lines. Chances are that if it’s happening in Costa Mesa real estate, it’s happening throughout the country. Fortunately, we recently had the opportunity to provide our expertise about the increasingly popular rent-to-own option for homebuyers to A rent-to-own agreement is not for everyone but it can help homeowners who haven’t had much luck in selling their home and buyers who find it tough to be  approved for a loan. We love sharing our real estate tips on a national level and suggest that buyers and sellers explore all their options when making such an important decision.

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