Home Design Trends for 2010

What a difference a year makes and as we approach 2010, it’s interesting to note the hot trends that are ‘in’ in real estate.  Cyberhomes.com recently published a great article about 2010’s real estate trends —and the overriding theme is that in our current economic climate homebuyers are looking for quality and value more than luxuries and extravagance.

Picture of homes

Photo: iStockphoto

So what are the top 5 trends?

-Smaller homes

-Open floor plans

-Dual home offices

-‘Green’ details

-Extending the indoors outside

The article gives important reasons to support why these trends are so hot for 2010.  We’ve seen these trends coming and I’m honored that I was able to contribute the trends we experience to this piece.  As the new year draws upon us, there’s no time like the present for sellers to pay attention to what’s in demand.


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