From the Vault: Torelli Realty TV Ad Circa 1987

We’d like to share a little something from the Torelli Realty vault– a commercial we filmed throughout Costa Mesa in the 1980s.

In planning the commercial, I was intent on highlighting how great Costa Mesa is by featuring all the city’s hot spots during that time (which still are hot to this day!) and so we made it happen–entirely filmed in only two days and with a custom song just for us. With a pink convertible, big hair, a “run-in” with Costa Mesa police officers and cruising to all the great places the city has to offer, the commercial came out just like we wanted. To this day, I enjoy watching it, reminiscing and feeling proud that the city was so great and that it’s only improved since! (Also, as a mom, I love seeing my son, Alec Torelli,  onscreen as a baby. See him at 0:13 in the clip.)

Our commercial features lots of places throughout Costa Mesa. Do you recognize them all?

*You can also watch our commercial on Torelli Realty’s YouTube channel.


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