Donation Given to Costa Mesa’s CERT

On December 17 the OC Register reported on a story about the Costa Mesa Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT for short. CERT is a fantastic program that our city offers to prepare citizens for emergency situations.  Last week Newport Rib Co. held a fundraiser, which raised donations for CERT that will pay for much needed supplies and training.

Picture of CERT


It’s great to see people giving back to such a worthy cause and thanks to the generosity of the Newport Rib Co. and those who participated in the fundraiser the CERT program will be better equipped to serve Costa Mesa.

CERT is a special group of individuals who put a lot of time and training into learning how to respond to disasters like earthquakes, floods, fires and more.  The program, which is in conjunction with the Costa Mesa Fire Department, teaches people the best tactics for surviving during these trials.  Costa Mesa residents are so lucky to have a unit like this in place and we appreciate their efforts.  CERT is a fantastic resource that sets Costa Mesa apart and aids in keeping our town safe.  Thank you CERT and thank you Newport Rib Co. for keeping Costa Mesa’s safety a priority.


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