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Costa Mesa Historical Society Features Native Sons of the Golden West

On Wednesday, January 20, 2010 the Costa Mesa Historical Society featured a presentation by Richard Kimball at its annual dinner.  Kimball represents the Native Sons of The Golden West, which is a philanthropic organization that protects California’s historic landmarks & buildings, as well as puts up historic sign markers.

Pic of Richard Kimball

Richard Kimball of Native Sons of the Golden West

Since the inception of the Native Sons group in 1875, they have welcomed California men and women who were born in California to protect the state’s history.  In addition to this, the group also sponsors essay contests at schools, provides scholarships, partners with other historical organizations, and contributes to hospital research.

Richard Kimball is a past grand president of the Native Sons.  He is also a veteran who is very involved in the community and currently serves as the president for the Conference of California Historical Societies.

The Costa Mesa Historical Society was founded in 1966 to keep history alive in our community.  We are fortunate to have a record of our rich past and programs at our disposal to keep our historical structures in intact.  One of Costa Mesa’s most well known historic landmarks is the Diego Sepulveda Adobe.  We greatly appreciate the volunteers at the historical society.  The resources available there are perfect for students, families, and anyone with a desire to know more about the emergence of Costa Mesa.