Safety First, Costa Mesa!

The Costa Mesa Police Department (CMPD) works tirelessly to keep our community safe and we are grateful for their dedication.  But have you ever wondered about the services they provide and how they operate?  Here’s your chance to find out more in a behind-the-scenes look.  The Costa Mesa Police Department is starting a program called Citizens’ Police Academy, which will run from February 23-May 12, 2010.

Picture of Academy

Previous Citizens' Police Academy Photo

The program is a great way for the community to understand the way the CMPD operates.  Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts about amazing topics like S.W.A.T., K-9 units, crime scene investigation and even a helicopter demonstration.  Keeping Costa Mesa safe is a priority for the police force and they are eager to share that with the citizens.  The more everyone knows, the more empowered and safe Costa Mesa will be in the future.

Another way the CMPD encourages the townspeople is through Neighborhood Watch Programs.  For instance, throughout the Mesa Verde neighborhood (where Torelli Realty is located) there is a Neighborhood Watch in effect.  Safe neighborhoods with friendly neighbors are a big part of Costa Mesa’s desirability.  Thanks to the CMPD for your efforts in the community that go beyond the call of duty.


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