Property Management Essentials – How To Handle Maintenance Requests

Many real estate companies offer property management services. A rental property can be a small unit or a large complex. Either way maintenance requests must be handled in a professional manner. Inman News contributed some key points on rental maintenance that all property managers should follow.

-Deal with ALL properties, big or small, formally. This means keeping a written record. If the repair request is made by phone, write everything down and keep it in a log. Every request should be logged with as much information as possible.

-Make sure to get as much information as possible before making the first service call. The goal is to send out the proper service provider and solve the problem as quickly as possible. This should also translate into saving money and time (a lower bill from the maintenance provider and less time intruding on the tenants).

-ALWAYS get permission from the tenants to enter their unit. Ideally, get written permission. If not, log who provided the verbal ok for the records.

-Property managers should work with tried & proven maintenance providers. Remember, they are representing the property manager so pick ones who are courteous, respectful, and clean.

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