Adding Curb Appeal To A Condo

Real estate in Costa Mesa, California includes condos, just like so many other towns. We’re often asked how to improve the curb appeal of condos because it can be difficult to make one stand out from another. There can also be restrictions on the changes that can be made. The good news is there are many ways to add curb appeal to a condo and it’s time to share some helpful tips. Realtor magazine offered up some great ideas and we’re adding some of our own. Try these ideas to add curb appeal: 

1. Clean up that front door! It should be clean, welcoming, and functional.

2. Bring in potted plants (like Torelli Portaplants)– especially ones with a pop of color. They are easy to maintain, don’t take up a lot of space, and can be moved based on preference.

3. Highlight the major selling features in photos. With condos you can’t control what the exterior looks like and some buildings are less attractive than others. If there’s a great amenity or the inside is more appealing than the outside, make sure that feature stands out – otherwise people might not even give the condo a chance.

4. If there is a common space for mailboxes, such as an interior lobby, keep that area as clean as possible. Consider adding a decorative basket for overflow mail otherwise the space can look trashed.

5. Make sure the address and unit number are prominent so the condo is easy to find.

6. Dress up the fixtures like the mailbox, lights, doorbell, and doorknobs. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a big impact.

7. Repair walkways – it could be a liability if someone gest injured on the property. If the walkways are part of the common grounds leading to the condo make sure to contact the HOA.

8. Add a clean welcome mat – never underestimate old-fashioned hospitality!

9. Rake or sweep for a clean slate and don’t forget to trim the bushes. If there are bare patches in the yard, make sure to add some grass seeds and sod to fill it in.

10. Try to get permission to paint or pressure-wash the condo – that can make a BIG impact.

About Torelli Realty: Torelli Realty is proud to offer home improvement and home staging tips to help your home’s value throughout Costa Mesa and in Mesa Verde. The company has been servicing Costa Mesa, CA almost excludively for over 25 years and knows Costa Mesa real estate. We also have an expert on staff, Holly Schwartz, who came to us as a producer from Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and extensively studied home values and markets locally and nationally. Feel free to contact Torelli Realty for a consultation and for all your real estate needs.



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