Costa Mesa Parks – Canyon Park Cleanup

Costa Mesa is home to a variety of neighborhood parks, which offer residents a place to enjoy nature and recreational activities. On the Westside, one of Costa Mesa’s neighborhoods, the community can enjoy Canyon Park, which is located at 970 Arbor Street, near the intersection of 19th Street and Whittier Avenue.  On June 19, 2010, there is a very special event happening at Canyon Park – The Battle of the Brush.

Costa Mesa High School logo

Costa Mesa High School LogoEstancia Eagles Football

The Battle of the Brush is the first ever annual junior high school football community service event. In an effort to clean up the park and showcase the community, the teams will be sprucing up the park. The civic minded students and coaches (Costa Mesa High School Mustang Coach Jeremy Osso and Estancia Eagles Coach Mike Bargas) will take to the “playing field” and give the park a mini makeover by raking, trimming trees, pulling weeds, and more. Thanks so much to the City of Costa Mesa for loaning the teams tools and providing trash pickup.

The event is the culmination of a dream long held by the High School Booster Presidents Frank Albers (Costa Mesa High School) and Steve Mensinger (Estancia High School). Since Costa Mesa supports these teams, the teams are thrilled to give back.

This isn’t the first time that Canyon Park has been cleaned up by the community. Back in 1994 the park had a cleanup day as well where members of the community removed litter, cleaned up weeds, and added new plants. Then in 1997 there was an Earth Day Cleanup as well. We admire the giving spirit of the football teams – thanks for giving back to Costa Mesa and keeping it a beautiful place to live… You make our Realtors proud!

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