Costa Mesa School Event – TeWinkle Middle School International Fair

Costa Mesa is a great place to be a kid! Why is that? There is so much activity going on and each Costa Mesa school makes sure to provide fantastic educational programs for the students. Tonight TeWinkle Middle School is going to hold an International Fair, which will be a great event for the students and their families.

picture of school

Costa Mesa residents come from a variety of backgrounds and it’s important for the students to recognize that all cultures and backgrounds are valuable and unique.

At tonight’s fair, parents and teachers will be setting up booths that highlight the various on-campus clubs and there will be entertainment from different cultures. There will also be a variety of food from the different cuisines to sample. An event like this is important because it gives students the chance to appreciate what other cultures offer and it unites everybody. We hope everyone has a fun night, learns interesting facts, and eats delicious food!

WHEN: Tonight, June 11, 2010 5-8pm

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