Costa Mesa Kids: A Profile of a Special Costa Mesa Boy Who is Helping Animals

We’re always pleased to highlight the good things that are happening in our Costa Mesa community and this event is one that this Costa Mesa real estate company is happy to share with everyone.  Meet Julian.  Julian is turning 12 and for his birthday he is doing something very unique. On July 10, he is having a birthday party and in lieu of gifts he is asking people to bring items/donate money to Retriever and Friends. See Julian personally invite you in this video!

What is Retriever & Friends? It’s a full-service rescue serving Southern California.  Julian and his family adopted Brinkley, their golden retriever, from the organization. Since it is a volunteer group, it needs donations and supplies to help with the animals. For his birthday Julian made a decision to help the organization that provided him and his family with their special pal, Brinkley.

How can you help? Retriever and Friends is in need of money donations, gift cards to Petco, and basic supplies (even used ones!) like the ones Julian mentioned in his video. You can see a complete list here. (Remember, repurposing your old stuff is a great way to be eco-friendly!) Whether or not you attend the party, you can still help by donating to this worthy cause and help Julian accomplish his birthday wish! If you’d like to donate anything during the upcoming week we will be taking up a collection at our office to bring to the party so please come on in and say hi. We’re located at 2845 Mesa Verde Dr. East, Suite 6 (corner of Mesa Verde Dr E & Adams) and we’re animals lovers!

Let’s give Petco some love for donating a basket of toys, some food & more to the cause and to Party City for giving Julian’s family $20 off their purchase of puppy-themed party supplies – Thank you!

A little background: We actually first encountered Julian at the Mesa del Mar neighborhood school Sonora Elementary School during the 6th Grade Archaeological Dig. He was dressed for the part! It turns out that Julian has a history of doing good things for the community. For instance, one story we like is that he raised money for a new dirt bike by collecting recyclables from neighbors for several months until he reached his goal. (After helping Adams Elementary School with the Cans 4 Kids (And Plastic Bottles Too!) recycling rally we know that it takes a lot of effort and we’re impressed that he tackled this project all on his own!) Recycling is so important and Julian made it easy for his neighbors to contribute by picking up the items from their homes for them.

As Costa Mesa Realtors we’re pleased to celebrate the efforts of neighbors. Supporting one another builds community and that’s part of what makes Costa Mesa life so special. Happy 12th Birthday Julian!

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