Costa Mesa Real Estate – Tech Thursday

Costa Mesa real estate is changing in response to the advances in technology. What does this mean for homebuyers and sellers? We’ve learned plenty of amazing facts here at the largest and most advanced real estate conference out there, the Inman Conference San Francisco. Get ready to understand where the future of real estate is headed.

Part 1 – 87% of all homebuyers  and 94% of homebuyers aged 25-44 search for homes online.

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In fact if you are reading this article you would probably be a prime candidate to search for real estate on the Internet. Why? There are many websites that pool real estate listings and make it easy to search by specific features that homebuyers can select. This is a great way to filter through information and find a home that matches your criteria.

According to Holly Schwartz, former producer for HGTV’s House Hunters, “Everyone has a list of criteria when looking for a home. It can be broad or very specific. Homebuyers have an idea of what type of home they are looking for and don’t want to waste their time looking at homes that don’t match their terms.”

Today’s homebuyers are busy and they want to gather as much information as possible before adding another appointment to their calendar. Online they can research neighborhoods, schools, see photos, videos and more!

At the conference, we heard from HGTV’s website Frontdoor and the #1 thing buyers look for when searching for a home is the style of home. What is the style of home you are looking for? Make sure to comment below. Do you want a ranch? A condo? A 2-story? Leave a comment below.

Home Sellers

It’s very important that you select a real estate agent who will take the time to make sure your home is listed in as many home listing sites as possible since there are so many available. A key strategy when selecting an agent is to make sure they will ensure that your home will turn up in the most popular real estate listing websites as well as the major search engines.

It’s also important to engage home searchers and entice them to click on your home and learn more (and lead to a sale). This is the call to action. To support that, your home must stand out. Great photos, videos (see examples), and as much information as possible help buyers interact with the home.

What makes your home special? Home sellers know best. It’s the job of an agent to highlight those features and make sure that homebuyers who want those features can find your home during their search. With 90% of homebuyers taking to the Internet to search, agents must make sure to focus time on embracing new technology.

Next up in the Costa Mesa Real Estate Tech Thursday Section: Part 2 – Using World Wide Web to Search Local

About Torelli Realty: Torelli Realty is proud to represent Costa Mesa real estate and support the local community. We’ve been meeting the needs of Costa Mesa home buyers & sellers since 1984.  We are also an expert in Costa Mesa short sales and Orange County foreclosures & short sales. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and for all your real estate needs.


4 responses to “Costa Mesa Real Estate – Tech Thursday

  1. Valerie,

    Great info on the future of real estate technology. How has the response been to your blogging?

    I’ve been using wordpress for my real estate blog at:

    I am starting to see alot of positive results and picking up some new buyers and sellers.

    • Ethan,
      Thank you for your comment. We are very pleased with the number of readers we have for our blog. It’s always nice to contribute something of value to our audience. Good luck with your blogging in Georgia.

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