Home Selling Tips: Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplace remodeling is an important task and Torelli Realty  just had to help a seller tackle that project in a Mesa Verde Costa Mesa home for sale. Usually a fireplace is the focal point or an anchor in the room. In this case, the fireplace is the first thing you see impression upon entering the home so it is crucial because in real estate first impression is everything. The most obvious problem with this fireplace was the dated paneling above it. Paneling is not appealing to most buyers. Today’s buyers want more airy spaces and modern upgrades.

Our first suggestion was to remove the paneling. In order to give the room the airy look that buyers want, we suggested a simple drywall to replace the paneling. Coupled with some tall molding (current popular moldings are at least 2 ¾” tall), the fireplace looks totally different. The brick was in great shape so all the sellers had to do was add a traditional screen in front and viola – a  picture perfect fireplace remodel!

Do you have any questions about how to redo a space in your home? We’re happy to help you make smart choices for resale or for your own enjoyment. Please feel free to comment below.

About Torelli Realty: Torelli Realty is proud to represent Costa Mesa real estate and support the local community. We’ve been meeting the needs of Costa Mesa home buyers & sellers since 1984.  We are also an expert in Costa Mesa short sales and Orange County foreclosures & short sales. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and for all your real estate needs.



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