Choosing a Green Paint Color

Choosing A Green Paint

Market greens – you see them at the farmers market, they’re part of your salad… Why not let those colors dress your walls?

The Meaning of Green:

A color of balance, harmony, nature, earth. Certain hues can give a room a warm feel, others can produce a cooling effect. 

According to Color Wheel Pro here’s what the following greens mean:

Olive green – peace

Aqua – protection, healing

Dark green – greed, jealousy (Most people don’t go with dark green because dark colors tend to make rooms feel smaller)

Green Color Suggestions:

The latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine suggested a few greens.  

Here’s a few greens to consider.

paint sample

Light Willow –

paint sample

Lucky Clover –

paint sample

Scotland Isle –

paint sample

Ultra Premium Awakening –
Are any of your rooms painted in thse colors? Vote for your favorite below. Feel free to email a picture of your green room and we may feature it.

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