Costa Mesa Organizations – Girls Inc.

Costa Mesa organizations are providing amazing opportunities for people. Girls Inc. is one that helps girls gain financial independence and understanding through education. It aims to teach girls to be strong and bold. I recently had the chance to visit their summer program, which empowers girls in a fun, safe environment. They have an amazing facility – looks like fun, doesn’t it? (Thanks to Orleda Roa for the fun tour!)

playground photo

Last year over 4,500 girls were helped all over Orange County! It has a long-standing history as it was founded in 1954. Pamela Adams was recently profiled in the Daily Pilot for her efforts with the group. Here’s her take:

Why Pamela Adams Helps Girls Inc.

Pamela has been volunteering since a young age and recognizes that how you grow up and relate with money defines so much of life. Money is an important part of freedom of choice.

Why Pamela Specifically Focuses on Helping Girls

 Pamela knows that to live a full like you must be interdependent. She wants to teach girls that because she saw too many women being abused. She shared with me this quote that she likes to use, “If you think you can you might, if you think you can’t you won’t.” (Wise words!)

How to Help

On August 19 Girls Inc will be hosting the Y.E.S.S. Luncheon. This is a chance to meet the girls who are part of the organization, shop at their businesses (yes-they come up with businesses!), vote for the best business, and enjoy a catered lunch. It costs $40 for members and $45 for non-members and helps to support this worthwhile organization.

Find out more HERE.

Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty was founded in 1984 and makes it a mission to support the community.  Make sure to join us at Facebook and Twitter for more news and stories.

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