Costa Mesa High School Cheer Camp Is Here

Costa Mesa High School Cheer Camp Is Here

Costa Mesa High School Cheer Camp is here for a 6th year! Estancia High School just wrapped up their successful cheer camp and now the award winning Costa Mesa Cheer Team is fired up to host a Youth Cheer Clinic. The clinic is open to incoming grades Pre-K through 8. Since the camp is open to such a wide range or ages and skill levels, the group will divide so that everyone gets attention and instruction. There will also be cheer-offs between the participants from different schools and the winning schools will get to take home spirit sticks!

What will they be learning?

-A One-of-a-Kind Dance – a special UCA choreographed dance not taught at any UCA camp!

-Some basic cheers

-A gymnastic review

-Basic stunting  

-Proper safety techniques

According to Kori Kutch Johnson, Coach of the Costa Mesa High School Cheer Team

The camp “gives the team an opportunity to bond with the kids in our city and to give the kids a chance to learn and build on their cheer skills. It also gives the young kids time to be with their friends, make new friends, and have a feeling of belonging to their future school.”


Camp hours are from 9am-11am on Aug. 16-19. Make sure to come support the cheer campers when they show off their new skills at the Halecrest Chili Cook-Off on Aug. 29.  Once football season starts the campers will have a chance to show off their skills at a Costa Mesa High School Football game during Halftime at Jim Scott Stadium, Estancia High School. Once that date is determined we’ll be sure to let you know.


The camp costs $80 per person, which includes a t-shirt, snacks, ribbon, group photo, and participation certificate. For households with multiple children the cost will drop to $65 for each additional child. The money will be used to support the Costa Mesa High School Cheer Team.

About Torelli Realty

Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty has been part of the community since 1984 and taken an active roll in events such as this. We look forward to sharing more local opportunities with you in real estate, activities, and more. Please join our Facebook page and Twitter for regular updates and to interact with us.

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