Costa Mesa Schools – Back To School Tips To Keep Your Home Organized

Back To School

Costa Mesa schools are back in session. During this busy time of year we wanted to give you a few tips that will make your life easier and help you keep your housekeeping on track:

-Pick out clothes for your children the night before (or teach your older children to select clothing beforehand.) This will help everyone stay on schedule during the morning rush and prevent disagreements about what your kids can wear.

-Make lunches on the weekend and pre-pack for the week. This will save precious moments in the am. Plus you’ll only be making a mess once. (You can do the same thing for dinners too!)

-Designate an area of your house as the backpack/school book drop. Kids tend to rush in and drop their stuff and leave the house looking like a hurricane hit it. If you set aside a space for those items, the house will stay more organized.

-Set up a laundry schedule and stick to it. This is especially useful if your kids are in sports. Teach your kids where the dirty laundry goes and make sure they adhere to the cycle.

Have a safe back-to-school season!

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