Costa Mesa United Grants Money to Estancia High School Football Program

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Photo by Filomena Scalise

Costa Mesa United Grants Money to Estancia High School Football

Costa Mesa United, a non-profit organization that helps improve sporting facilities in Costa Mesa, voted yesterday to fund a great project for the Estancia High School Football program. The Estancia Eagles are about to step into the 21st century by purchasing sideline equipment (coaches’ headsets) and video/editing equipment for filming the games. This equipment will be the same standard as the equipment used by Costa Mesa High School.

The generous contribution of Costa Mesa United to help purchase this new equipment means that all the students in the Estancia High School Football program will have the same benefits enjoyed by the Costa Mesa High School Football program. Approximately 130 students will be served from this improvement at Estancia High School.


By updating the equipment available for our sporting programs, there will be positive impacts for our city and school system. One of the goals of Costa Mesa United is to attract families to the city of Costa Mesa by helping in athletics, academics, and activities. The grant just awarded to the Estancia High School Football program will do the following:

-Provide for better communication among the coaches throughout the games (Lead the Eagles to more victories!)

-Improve the video quality of the filmed games

-Make the editing process easier

-Give students an easier way to review games/plays

-Utilize the improved technologies that other schools are using, which will create a level playing field technologically as well

-Reduce the amount of time spent using out of date electronics

Why We Care 

As a local real estate company we’re all for attracting families to Costa Mesa. Improvements like these are smart and enhance the quality of life for our residents and students. Thanks to Costa Mesa United for making a positive impact in our community.

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