Costa Mesa Room Makeover – After

Costa Mesa Room Makeover

Room makeovers are exciting and people often think they are pricey. However, they can be done on a budget. Inspired by an article in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine where a designer did a room makeover for $350, we put ourselves to the same challenge. We held a contest and selected a winner who wanted their master bedroom to get a makeover. Here’s the result and their reaction:








How We Did It

First of all we want to give a big thank you to Yong with Crystal Painting and  Diane Gray Concialdi with DC Redesign Real Estate Staging & Conceptual Design.

Yong donated paint and and painted a neutral, beige accent wall that complements the furnishings and is a tasteful color in case the couple ever decides to sell their home in the future. (Home staging 101 – Neutral colors are best!) We call upon Yong’s painting team all the time when we are preparing homes.

Diane assisted with picking out the decor, helping us find amazing discounts through her contacts at Macy’s, and the final arrangements on the ‘Reveal’ day. Her company can help with staging for any budget and also uses the latest technologies to conceptualize how a room would look if remodeled.

A special thanks to Macy’s. Since the winners, Julieta & Ryan, had nice furniture, we were able to keep what they had in place and redecorate to fit their space. We focused on their bedding, which we got at a major discount thanks to the help of our friends at Macy’s. By shopping great sales you can save major bucks. In fact the comforter set and pillows we bought were discounted from $350 to $134.99. Plus the bluish-green color of the comforter is a very hot color this season and it’s also very peaceful and relaxing for a master bedroom retreat.

The euro sham pillows were bought at IKEA.  Since they are for show and not going to be used they really dress up the room for very little cost. Each one was only $6.99!

The curtains were found at Target and matched the bedspead perfectly. They are a blue-green sheer stripe that irons easily and helps create a light, airy feeling rather than a dark, weighed down one like the former ruby curtains created. Over by the bathroom, we decided to use matching curtains but used 2 to create a symmetrical look and then bought some traditional gold tassels to tie them back.





We moved some pieces around to add more space and create a cleaner look in the room. For instance we moved the hamper and glider from the room to make it feel larger.

Also, we borrowed a photo of the happy couple that was in the hallway and put it next to the bed. They were thrilled when they saw it! It added a little of their spirit to the room.

Thanks so much to Julieta & Ryan for letting us help them!

Final Tally:

Macy’s Comforter set: (Originally $350) $134.99

Macy’s Sheets: (Originally $120) $79.99

IKEA 2 Euro Sham pillows: 13.98

Target Curtains (2 for the windows, 2 for the bathroom doorway): 59.96 each

Target 2 Gold Tassel Tiebacks: $5.98

Plus various taxes…

Grand Total: $325.70

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