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Congrats to Costa Mesa Mayor’s Awards Recipients

The Costa Mesa Mayor’s Award is quite an honor – it’s awarded to individuals in the community who play an active role and are not only those who lead, but those who serve. Congratulations to Ed Baume and Chuck Perry, two outstanding Costa Mesa role models who are receiving the award this year! These gentleman couldn’t have been a better pick!


Photo by Simon Howden

The Picks

Ed Baume has been part of Costa Mesa Pop Warner for the last 50 years. We’ve posted tons of information about Pop Warner on this blog and it is clear how important this youth sports organization is for the city. So many of our youth participate in football or cheer plus many parents and volunteers are involved. Ed has volunteered in many positions and even at 82 years old he continues to serve as Eagle Athletic Director!

Chuck Perry has been a Costa Mesa resident for over 50 years and contributes immensely to the Estancia High School Football program. He played on the football team himself while attending Estancia, then coached, and today volunteers and fundraises. He is also a member of Costa Mesa United, a local organization that raises money for local sports activities. We’ve also blogged a lot about Estancia Football  and Costa Mesa United – the football team is a source of spirit for the community and Costa Mesa United is a huge contributor to Costa Mesa sports facilities, which enhance the lifestyle for so many of our neighbors.

The Award Ceremony

Ed & Chuck will receive the honor at the upcoming Costa Mesa City Council meeting on September 21, 2010 at 6pm. Congratulations!

Do you have any well-wishes for the recipients? Please post them below.

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Costa Mesa City Council – Jim Righeimer Makes It Official

Costa Mesa City Council just gained another candidate for City Council, Jim Righeimer. This morning Righeimer made his nomination official outside of Costa Mesa’s City Hall. In his speech, he said that his biggest goal is to make the city family-friendly and a place that continues to attract young families moving in. Why? They support the local churches, schools, businesses, and athletic programs. He emphasized the need for better infrastructures as far as sport facilities, schools, and more.

As Costa Mesa Realtors we’re all for attracting families. Seeing the enthusiasm and growth in school programs like the ones at Estancia High School & Costa Mesa High School are great sources of pride for the community. Athletic programs and facilities are a priority for organizations like Costa Mesa United and provide fantastic facilities and groups for the youth. Costa Mesa is our home too and we’re glad to help people choose it for their home as well.

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Costa Mesa Councilmember Katrina Foley’s Holiday Soiree & Benefit

For those of you who don’t know her, Katrina Foley is a City of Costa Mesa councilmember.  A resident of Mesa del Mar, Katrina’s mission is to make public safety a top priority and make Costa Mesa great for families.  Due to the recent cut in funding for the Costa Mesa Senior Center Lunch Box Program, she has made it her goal to raise $10,000 for the meal program with her upcoming soiree, “Katrina’s Holiday Soiree & Benefit.”

Flier for Holiday Soiree

Flier for Katrina Foley's Holiday Soiree

The event takes place on Wed., Dec. 2, 2009 from 5:30-7:30pm at Mesa Restaurant, The Camp.  It features a silent auction that will benefit the Costa Mesa Senior Center Lunch Box Program as well as the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Foley is hopeful that attendees will donate the very necessary funds and contribute non-perishable food items. Due to the state of the economy, programs like these need food and donations more than ever.

A few months ago when Foley was a judge for the ‘Canstruction’ event at South Coast Plaza she learned more about the growing need for food in Orange County.  Approximately 2,300 seniors are currently on the waiting list for the meals program. It really touched her because senior citizens need nourishment and many of them don’t have a means of transportation either.  The Senior Center Lunch Box Program helps overcome the problem by delivering healthy meals directly to seniors.

There’s still time to donate to this worthwhile event.  You can also help by contributing non-perishable food items in bins that are located at The Plant Stand and Mesa Restaurant, The Camp.

City Council Grants Two Paramedics Employee of the Month Award

Torelli Realty would like to congratulate two Costa Mesa paramedics for a job well done.  The Costa Mesa City Council named firefighter paramedics Trail Blincoe and Chuck Torres employees of the month at this Tuesday’s meeting.  These men are heroes due to their actions on June 26, 2009, where they responded to two life-threatening incidents.

First, Blincoe and Torres saved a man who was suffering from cardiac complications. Then on the same day they also responded to a dangerous rollover incident in Costa Mesa on the 405 Freeway, which involved 5 hurt motor passengers.

Costa Mesa is lucky to have quality paramedics like Blincoe and Torres watching out for the community.  Costa Mesa’s fire department consists of six stations that are scattered among the city in key locations.  The stations have responsible, trained staffs who make it their mission to provide safety for the lives of those in Costa Mesa as well as the environment here, provide fire protection, and deliver emergency medical care.

Quality services such as the ones offered by the Costa Mesa Fire Department are vital in providing a feeling of safety and strength in a town.  In real estate, buyers look at the resources in place within a community to help them determine if they want to make it their home.   Blincoe and Torres deserve to be appreciated for more than just this month.  Thank you to the entire fire department of Costa Mesa as well – you make this a great, safe place to call home.

Costa Mesa Real Estate Fire Department

Costa Mesa Fire Department

Read more about Costa Mesa’s paramedics on OCRegister.com.

Visit the Costa  Mesa Fire Dept website.