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Losing the Miami Vice Look in Costa Mesa Real Estate – Staging Homes to Sell

In the Costa Mesa real estate market, there are about 45 Costa Mesa homes that were built between the years 1977 and 1989. Approximately 40 of these real estate listings are condominiums or townhomes that are currently listed for sale in the MLS. That’s because there was a boom in attached style homes in the late 1970s through the 1980s.  The cool looks that depicted the Miami Vice era are no longer cool. There are new trends that homeowners need to accept when they list their home for sale if they want to get top dollar.

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Recently some of our Realtors at Torelli Realty were helping sellers in Costa Mesa condos make some important updating decisions. In fact a seller at one of our current townhome listings made a few smart choices. Here are a few tips that we found helpful:

-Update the flooring. For instance, linoleum in the kitchen and baths is out. Carpet is the bathroom is out (yuck)! Tile that is smaller in size (12” squares) is too small. The modern look is at least 16” tile, or 18” tile or 24” inch depending on the size of the room. (Larger rooms can handle larger tile).

-Update the moldings. Many of the homes built in that era had small baseboards. For a more modern look, larger baseboards (at least 2 ¾” tall) is adequate. Buyers like the look of ceiling moldings as well.

-So long popcorn! This may be the most important thing to do to improve the look of your home. Nothing turns a buyer off like popcorn on the ceilings. Scrape it, texture the ceiling, be gone with it. It will turn frowns into smiles in no time!

-Don’t be flashy, bye-bye brassy! Brass finishes are out of date. Nowadays, buyers are looking for nickel or bronze finishes. So make sure to get rid of the brass details that often adorned closet doors, door fixtures, ceilings fans, cabinet pulls and more.

-Finally… Mirror, mirror on the wall… Dated mirrors and doors can send a buyer running away screaming. A much more current look is six panel hardwood doors.

Making these changes will help to stage your home for buyers and guests. So long Miami Vice, hello 21st century.

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