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Costa Mesa Pop Warner Sign Up Event on Sat., April 17

Costa Mesa is a community where youth recreational programs are a priority.  We’ve blogged before about some of the programs at Estancia High School, Costa Mesa High School, and through the Costa Mesa Community Athletic Foundation. Here’s another great program: Costa Mesa Pop Warner (CMPW), a youth football league and youth cheerleading squad for boys & girls ages 5-15. The team, called the Costa Mesa Eagles, is holding an Open House/Registration/Preliminary Weigh-In event on Saturday, April 17, 2010.  Check out the Costa Mesa Pop Warner Facebook page for more information.

Pic of CMPD Logo

For years CMPW has made it a mission to serve as the benchmark for Southern California youth football and cheer programs.  Under the direction of  Steve Mensinger, President of the Estancia Sports Booster Club, the emphasis of the program is not just on smart coaching. An orderly administration and professional structure helps keep the CMPW ahead of other teams and sets a good example for the kids.

Costa Mesa Pop Warner is a great opportunity for our youth to have fun, understand teamwork, accept responsibility, and again – HAVE FUN!  And according to the professional journal Athletic Insight, youth sports offer additional benefits like improved motor skills and increased self-esteem. CMPW also supports “no work, no play” so students must perform adequately in the classroom or they can’t play.  Education first!  Our youth are so fortunate to have recreational opportunities such as these available to them – go Eagles!

Incredible Unsung People Who Changed Costa Mesa And Society for the Better

Costa Mesa has a rich history and the Costa Mesa Historical Society does a great job of informing the public about the past of the city.  This weekend the society is hosting a free talk given by Pulitzer Prize Nominee Craig MacDonald called “Incredible Unsung People Who Changed Society for the Better.”  This is a great opportunity to learn about exceptional people who impacted Costa Mesa.

Pic of Craig MacDonald

Craig MacDonald

MacDonald has done extensive research to prep for his talk and will speak about not only the men, but also the women, who deserve recognition for their part in Costa Mesa’s growth and development.  It takes the vision of ALL members of the community for it to thrive.  We welcome the positive message that the historical society is sending out about invaluable people who sought to make society better for those who followed them.

For Costa Mesa residents, it’s a huge benefit to have the non-profit Costa Mesa Historical Society as a public resource.  It’s a great place for families to spend time together or just to drop in and learn more about the city we call home.

Doors will open for the program on Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 2pm.  The admission is free and refreshments will be provided.  Let us know if you check out this event… We’d love to hear your thoughts about some of the unsung heroes of Costa Mesa.

Safety First, Costa Mesa!

The Costa Mesa Police Department (CMPD) works tirelessly to keep our community safe and we are grateful for their dedication.  But have you ever wondered about the services they provide and how they operate?  Here’s your chance to find out more in a behind-the-scenes look.  The Costa Mesa Police Department is starting a program called Citizens’ Police Academy, which will run from February 23-May 12, 2010.

Picture of Academy

Previous Citizens' Police Academy Photo

The program is a great way for the community to understand the way the CMPD operates.  Participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts about amazing topics like S.W.A.T., K-9 units, crime scene investigation and even a helicopter demonstration.  Keeping Costa Mesa safe is a priority for the police force and they are eager to share that with the citizens.  The more everyone knows, the more empowered and safe Costa Mesa will be in the future.

Another way the CMPD encourages the townspeople is through Neighborhood Watch Programs.  For instance, throughout the Mesa Verde neighborhood (where Torelli Realty is located) there is a Neighborhood Watch in effect.  Safe neighborhoods with friendly neighbors are a big part of Costa Mesa’s desirability.  Thanks to the CMPD for your efforts in the community that go beyond the call of duty.

Torelli Realty Sponsors 5th Annual Mesa Verde Golf Tournament

Costa Mesa, CA: On Monday, April 19, we’re going to be at The 5th Annual Mesa Verde Golf Tournament and proud to be one of the sponsors for this worthy event.  In a recent post we let you know that the tournament is going to benefit youth sports in Costa Mesa and will be hosted by the Costa Mesa Community Athletic Foundation.  The goal is to raise $200K to improve the athletic facilities in Costa Mesa, which will greatly benefit our youth.  At the golf tournament, Torelli Realty will be hosting a martini bar at one of the tees plus we’re going to have a fun contest on the fairway.  Who’s going to tackle the green?  Any contestants who hit the ball in the fairway will be entered into a drawing and a few lucky people will receive the award-winning Cabernet and Chardonay from the personal wine cellar of Windell and Karen Stout.

Picture of Estancia Cheer Squad

Estancia High School Cheer Squad

The Estancia High School Cheer Squad, who we’ve  been happy to support, will also be at the event to provide some pep.  The day promises to be a great one that will bring future enjoyment to young sports enthusiasts and will improve the community.  We’re all FORE it!

Torelli Realty


(714) 540-7355

Doing Good at Snow Land on Saturday, December 12

Torelli Realty is gearing up for Snow Land on Saturday, December 12 at Costa Mesa’s Balearic Park.  Here’s a couple of special things we’d like to highlight.

Toy/Food Donations

Picture of Toy Donation

Toy Drop Off - former event photo

This holiday season Torelli Realty is giving the community a chance to donate toys for children in need.  The toys that are collected will be donated to Spark of Love and the Costa Mesa Firefighters Association Operation Santa Letter Program.

Food donations of non-perishable canned food are also welcome.  These items will be given to the organization Share Our Selves, a Costa Mesa based organization that provides free assistance to those in need.

The Firefighters Association, fire prevention volunteer crew, Share Our Selves volunteers, and the Costa Mesa Fire Department will be present to collect the toys and food.

Estancia High Cheerleading Squad Support

Photos of Estancia Cheer Squad

Estancia High School Cheer Squad

Estancia High School’s Cheer Team supports their school, fights for pride, and bolsters spirit in the community.  Their dedication drives them to train for 3 hours a day, five days a week in order to prepare for upcoming competitions. Unfortunately the program’s high costs are limiting participation.  They need monetary support to make it a financially viable option for all students.

Torelli Realty has been sending a monthly check to help underwrite the squad but more sponsorship is necessary.  The Estancia Booster Club is hoping to raise enough money to subsidize the cost of cheerleading for those who can’t afford it.   Then ALL students will have the opportunity to be part of the team without suffering financial hardships.

Cheerleading coach Melyssa Cox explains that the funding provided by Torelli Realty has been a great help in covering the cost of uniforms, participation fees in competitions, and the salary for the coaches, which aren’t totally covered by the school district.  Cox is looking forward to Snow Land because the cheerleaders will be there to be part of the fun and to sell snack food items that will help contribute to their program.

Come witness the pep of Estancia High School’s co-ed cheer squad as they support the community at Snow Land.   Go team!

Costa Mesa’s 10th Annual Cruisin’ For a Cure Event

Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty likes the sound of a headline like this: “Big Turnout for Hot Cars and Cancer Screening.”  On Saturday, Sept. 26 the O.C. Fair  & Event Center hosted the 10th Annual Cruisin’ For A Cure.  The huge car show not only touted hot rides, it also drew attention to prostate cancer, offered prostate cancer screening, and raised money to fight the disease.

The event in Costa Mesa drew a crowd of over 15,000 people and featured about 3,100 cars.  The ultimate goal was to raise $75,000 for cancer research.

Costa Mesa is a special place to work in real estate because there’s always a great event going on.  The O.C. Fair & Event Center of Costa Mesa is a terrific venue that puts Costa Mesa on center stage.  This recent event not only put a worthy cause in the spotlight but also entertained the masses.  Win-win!


To read more about the event check out this article in the OC Register, 9/27/09.

Torelli Realty Sponsors Horsemanship Clinic

Even though you might know me as a Costa Mesa real estate agent, there’s another thing that you should know about me – I have a passion for animals. And that’s why I’m excited to share with you that for the fourth year Torelli Realty is teaming up with renowned horse expert Ricky Quinn and the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center (HCPEC) to hold the Ricky Quinn Horsemanship Clinic.  Ricky Quinn is a prominent horse expert who helps people relate with their horses by using the Vaquero style of horsemanship, which is all about the partnership between the horse and the rider.

The event will take place from Thursday, October 1 to Sunday, October 4, 2009 at the HCPEC, which is in the “Surf City” of Huntington Beach located next to Costa Mesa.  It’s a great way for riders and enthusiasts alike to learn more about horsemanship and witness the truly amazing interaction between Quinn and the horses.

An event like this pleases me not only because I love horses, but also because it reflects the nature and history of Costa Mesa.  Many people think of Orange County and picture “The Real Housewives” and “Laguna Beach” but Costa Mesa is much more than that.  Our community is set near the glistening Pacific Ocean in a coastal flatland.  A lot of people don’t know that the city was originally a farming community with agricultural roots.  Even to this day Costa Mesa offers peaceful trails such as the Talbert Nature Preserve and celebrates its farming background with a working-farm at the OC Fair.  These are some of the treasures that make Costa Mesa such a desirable place to call home.

The upcoming event at HCPEC is one I am really proud to be a part of and hope some of you check it out.  It’s not just for riders; anyone can feel free to stop by and watch the classes for free.

If you’d like to register for the clinic you must do so in advance.  Please contact Valerie Torelli at info@valerietorelli.com, (714) 540-7355 or Allison Hathaway, Allison@hcpec.com, (714) 848-6565.

A Colt Starting Clinic:

4-days for $400

Oct. 1-Oct. 4 from 9am-noon daily

Watch Ricky deal with un-started or troubled horses

Foundation Horsemanship Classes:

4-days for $300

Oct. 1-Oct. 4 from 1pm-5pm daily

Participants will work with their own horses to practice the techniques that Ricky uses in the Colt Starting Clinic

Ricky Quinn riding a horse that has never had a rider on its back... After only several hours of ground work!!!

Ricky Quinn riding a horse that has never had a rider on its back... After only several hours of ground work!!!