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Costa Mesa – Mesa Verde Egg-Citement Followup

Our Costa Mesa real estate company, Torelli Realty, enjoyed every minute of Egg-Citement!  Our Realtors had a blast helping out.  Huge turnout from the neighborhood homes.  Can’t wait for next year.  Enjoy some more photos!  Thanks again to the Estancia High School Cheer Squad & Boosters!

Picture of Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny and friends

Picture of Estancia High School Cheer Squad

Estancia High School Cheer Squad

Picture of Bounce House

Bounce House!

Trends that Increase Curb Appeal

First impression is everything so curb appeal is paramount when you are selling a home.  Buyers can either fall in love with a home’s exterior or they can be turned off by it.  This topic is so important that Realtor Magazine’s February issue suggested 10 ways to enhance your home’s image.  We’re thrilled that Valerie Torelli, founder of Torelli Realty, was asked to give her input and we’d like to share some of these great tips.

Picture of potted plant

One easy fix – consider potted plants.  Not only can they be moved easily, but they can also be taken by sellers when they move.  We’ve even incorporated them into our seller’s listings and fondly refer to them as Torelli Portaplants. It’s a small change with big impact.

Sellers can also try some of these trends:

-Instead of lawn, cover the ground with low-maintenance plants.  (This is also green friendly, which is a trend among buyers.)

-Planting a vegetable garden

-Creating a nice path to the door.  This will keep buyers on track!

-Landscaping with topiaries, dwarf trees, mature trees, and various plants that will produce color throughout the year to add visual interest.

-Hardscaping.  This home design trend is very common in Southern California. Many buyers here look for outdoor living spaces that include outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and entertaining space.

-Water features

Condo owners and townhome owners can also try some of these tips on a smaller scale. Here are some tips for you:

-Focus on lighting

-Landscape your patio/yard.  If you have a yard, you can also use low-maintenance plants to cover the ground.  If you have a patio, make sure it is safe & welcoming.  And go ahead and make your walkway visually interesting with plants!

-Make sure your unit stands out.  For instance, use color on your doors & shutters.  Also, use a highly visible house number so that your unit is easy to find.

These trends are great ways to help your home pop… Remember, first impression is everything!

We’re Seeing Green

As a Costa Mesa real estate company, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the current trends. Nowadays it seems like everyone is talking about ‘green’ homes. So what is a green?

DEFINED: A green home uses smart design, construction,
and technology in an effort to make it environmentally
friendly and even provides health benefits (like helping
people with allergies).

Green is good, green is hot, so it’s great to see that the American Solar Energy Society will be putting on a tour of three Costa Mesa homes that make use of green and solar living. The tour will take place Sat., Oct. 3 from 10am-3pm.

Green homes are in demand and here in Costa Mesa we’re seeing more of that as they gain popularity. Marketing a home as ‘green’ is a plus for real estate agents because it attracts buyers who are eco-conscious, which gives the homes an edge in a competitive market.

Energy effective features can sometimes be costly to implement but the energy savings can outweigh the initial costs down the road. (For instance Energy Star appliances may cost more but over time they’ll save you money because you’ll save on your energy bill.) Some features may even be less expensive than their traditional counterparts, like drought tolerant landscaping – plus you’ll save on water.

Feel free to check out the tour this Saturday to see how 3 local homes are making use of green measures.

WHAT: The Costa Mesa Solar Tour
WHERE: 1811 Gisler Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
207 Cecil Place, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
542 Sturgeon Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 3. 10am-4pm
WHO: Open to the public
MORE INFO: www.costamesasolartour.com


Green tour pic

Costa Mesa Renovations of Yesterday Meet Today

Most Costa Mesa homes were built in the 1960s and 1970s.  But here’s an interesting bit of trivia – historians believe that the Diego Sepulveda Adobe was built between 1817-1823, making it not only the oldest building in Costa Mesa, but the second oldest in all of Orange County!  The adobe originally served as a shelter for herdsmen from Mission San Juan Capistrano.  The herdsmen were responsible for watching over cattle and horses (as you know, I love animals!).  This past weekend the Costa Mesa Historical Society sponsored an event called Early California Days, which featured the recent renovations on the adobe.

It’s a fact of life that you can learn from the past so I think it’s noteworthy that renovations are just as necessary in our homes today as they are in an old adobe.  The Diego Sepulveda Adobe got a new tile roof, some electrical work, refurbished floors, and whitewashed walls. Some of these upgrades and others I suggest to sellers to get top dollar.  Each home is different, and I meet with my clients before putting the home on the market and identify what areas need attention AND get the most return on the dollars put in.

The history of Costa Mesa is important to a lot of homebuyers and it’s exciting to see how the city strives to preserve its heritage by educating and entertaining the community.  Costa Mesa holds numerous events, which helps to make it a desirable area and a frontrunner in real estate. The next time you look into renovating your home, think about how it really can be a long-term investment!

Diego Sepulveda Adobe

For more information on real estate in Costa Mesa or tips on how to renovate your home please contact Torelli Realty.

To read more about the event check out this article in the Daily Pilot, 9/20/09.