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Curb Appeal Helps Homes Sell Faster

Curb appeal is essential. You’ve heard it before – first impression is everything. If a home doesn’t draw a prospective buyer in from the start, it’s going to be that much harder to make them fall in love and make an offer.

Valerie Torelli was recently quoted in Houselogic about curb appeal. She gave proven tips like:

-Painting a house or powerwashing it. The “goal is to spend less than $5,000, with a goal of generating an extra $10,000 to $15,000 on the sale price.”

-Landscaping with leafy plants and filling in bare patches with bark (a simple job could be as little as $30-$50).

-A nice mailbox or architectural house numbers as a finished look to the home

picture of home with good curb appeal

Many other agents around the county used the blog to educate clients in their market about the importance of curb appeal. Here’s what some of them said:

Rolando Trentini in Evansville, Indiana: “Curb appeal is very important in our market as many times the first impression is the most important one. We are fortunately not doing too bad in our area. South West Indiana is sheltered from the “national” trend so our increases and decreases are not so high or as damaging. We do however stress to our sellers that curb appeal is a must if they want to sell their home fast.”

Steve Melnick with Realty World in Colorado: What are the main things you suggest to the clients in your market with regards to curb appeal? “Fresh paint, and a manicured lawn”

Karen Stephens in Memphis, TN: 1.  First impressions are paramount in selling a home.  Since most first impressions are formed within 30 seconds of pulling up to the home, I always recommend the lawn be cleaned (removing any debris, i.e., dead tree limbs, pine cones, leaves),fertilized, mowed and manicured.  This includes all shrubs and trees.  If it is in the warm seasons of the year, I always recommend to plant colorful annuals (with fresh mulch)  and/or placing flower pots with colorful flowers close to the door or walking up to the home.  Also, remove all toys, lawn equipment or any extra items from the lawn.
2.  Power wash exterior of home, including trim, roof, brick, and driveway.
3.  Front door should be cleaned and restained or painted.  If there is a fence or any outdoor structures, these should be repaired and/or painted.  Special attention should be paid to cracked sidewalks and driveways.

Have you given your home a curb appeal makeover? Send your pictures to holly@torellirealty.com for possible inclusion in a future blog or on our Facebook page. If you have questions about how to improve your curb appeal, please email us for advice.

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Brokers Are Reinventing for 2010

It’s no secret that the real estate market has been in flux as a result of recent economic conditions. Is that hurting real estate companies? Interestingly, the January issue of California Real Estate magazine noted some of the methods that smart brokers are using to keep up with the current market (page 18-19). The magazine’s article “We’re Ready, Too,” highlighted four brokers and we are extremely grateful that Torelli Realty’s 2010 business strategy was recognized in such a reputable industry publication.

Picture of Magazine cover

California Real Estate Magazine

Torelli Realty was noted for its ability to communicate effectively, not just with our clients, but also with our agents through the use of coaching sessions. Plus we’ve enhanced our social media presence through blogs and websites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as identified more ways to donate and volunteer within the community. We also assist with the growing number of short sales by developing services to help homeowners. For example, we’ll help plan out the details of their move, like maintaining their lawns and locating homes for displaced pets.

The other 3 companies that were profiled are also taking strides to set themselves apart and identify the needs of people in today’s real estate market. For instance, some are narrowing their focus and providing strong services in one specific area, like West Coast Property Specialists, Inc., which provides property management. Others are forcing agents to acquire more real estate skills, like San Diego Castles is doing. The company Legacy Real Estate and Associates in Fremont is helping people who are in trouble with their mortgages by acquiring loan modifications.

It’s very important for companies to respond to the current market conditions. Right now real estate is changing a lot. In order for a company to be successful, it must meet the needs of its clients. We’re honored to have our strategies noted in California Real Estate magazine and look forward to helping the Costa Mesa community with all their real estate needs now and in the future.